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Vallesanta, a rugged and wild valley, located right next to the Sacro Monte della Verna, is an unusual landscape for the Casentino, where nature, flavors and traditions intertwine, sinking their roots in a distant past, rich in history and spirituality.                                                                                   

A place where large pastures alternate with deep gorges carved by streams and geological formations similar to gullies. The whole area must probably have been entirely covered by woods: toponyms such as Montesilvestre and Frassineta demonstrate this; the harshness of the territory, in ancient times, was certainly a representation and manifestation of an authentic and felt spirituality by those who lived in these places. Here, in fact, the vegetation is still luxuriant: centuries-old beech and fir trees make up a forest complex that has remained intact for centuries, according to the most authentic Franciscan spirituality.

If we talk from the historiographical point of view, especially the medieval one, we realize how the valley, unlike today, had a prominent function at the territorial level, placing itself as a link between the Romagna and Tuscan sides. through the Serra pass. In fact, there are castles and fortresses built for the control and defense of the territory even if there are few traces left, except for that of Monte Fatucchio, where you can still see the walls and the ancient cistern. Monte Fatucchio, whose main feature is the unmistakable pyramid shape, rises with its approximately 900m above sea level centrally to the valley and dominates it, giving us beautiful panoramic views. On this mountain many stories and legends are also told, of witches and fairies, so much so that this summit owes its name to one of these mythical tales; it is no coincidence that the writer Emma Parodi has set one of her stories there, whose protagonist she was a particularly ugly and nasty witch. In addition to this, a visit to Vallesanta cannot fail to include a stop in some small villages with interesting historical-landscape characteristics: first of all the ghost village of Montesilvestre, immersed in an aura of melancholy decadence and in which, however, they still seem echoing, from the church to the wash houses, from the ovens to the stables, the voices and sounds of centuries of life and work. Also noteworthy are the small towns of Biforco and Corezzo, remembered since the 11th century, and of Frassineta, located in a privileged position as it offers a view over the entire valley.

This village, together with the small church dedicated to St. Egidio, still in the eighteenth century, was under the civil and religious patronage of the Camaldolese monks, patronage exercised through the agency of Badia Prataglia.
Today the Vallesanta, located in the highest part of the Casentinesi Forests National Park, is still crossed by numerous flocks of sheep which constitute one of its most typical and authentic aspects..


Towards the Vallesanta

An unforgettable flight in the Vallesanta sky. A harsh and wild land but full of history and spirituality. The small "ghost" village of Montesilvestre is incredibly suggestive ...



Biforco and Montefatucchio

Biforco charming village centrally located in Vallesanta, a land as beautiful as it is rugged. Photographic glimpses of Montefatucchio. Casentino photos.

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Farm of Canvecchio. Casentino photos.

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Corezzo is a small town located at 760mt above sea level in the heart of the Casentinesi forests in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

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Frassineta preserves many testimonies of its antiquity, including the church of Sant'Egidio built in a dominant position with respect to the entire Corezzo valley. Casentino photos.

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Gello is a wonderful village surrounded by greenery, located at the doors of the Vallesanta which has now remained almost completely uninhabited. Casentino photos.

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Small Casentinese village located at 822mt above sea level in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

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Aerial photos and evocative glimpses of the village of Giona. Photo Casentino.

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Montesilvestre, a small ghost town, where the voices and sounds of centuries of life and work still seem to echo, from the church to the wash houses, from the ovens to the stables. Casentino photos.

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Aerial photos of the small village of Pezza, a village remembered since the year 1000. Here too there is a small church dedicated to S. Clemente. Casentino photos.

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Pievina, a small village located at the foot of Montefatucchio in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

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Rimbocchi characteristic village located in the center of Vallesanta. Casentino photos.

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sacred mountain della Verna

Aerial photos of the sacred mountain of La Verna. Sanctuary of La Verna. Casentino photos.

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Glimpses of the sacred mountain of La Verna

Evocative views of the sacred mountain of La Verna. Casentino photos.

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Aerial photos of the village of Serra, a small town that was of great importance in the past, crossed by the old Via Romea, the link between Romagna and Tuscany. Casentino photos.

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Small village that preserves inside the church of S. Lorenzo, named since 1155.Characteristic village but unfortunately only partially restored. Casentino photos.

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