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Video released on February 23, 2015

La Verna

I have been practicing this sport for more than ten years now, but I had not yet had the opportunity to fly on my Casentino completely under ice, it was a fantastic When you are up there everything seems small, but I know it is not quite like that. When you look out from the rock of the chapel of the stigmata, with your gaze on the Casentino, dizziness is felt.From Penna, the highest point of the mountain, on clear days it is possible to see the sea of the Romagna coast. La Verna a place that combines spirituality and nature. La Verna cloaked in an icy but wonderful blanket of snow and ice. Flying over this sacred mountain in this guise was one of my most beautiful flying experiences. The Sanctuary of La Verna is a place of prayer and devotion to St. Francis of Assisi.






Serravalle photo gallery published on February 14, 2015

Photos taken in August 2014






Badia Prataglia photo gallery published on 05 February 2015

Photos taken in September 2014






Video released on August 24, 2014


Paradise? I don't know, but it sure was like daydreaming! I leave the images to tell the emotion I felt!





Video released on 09 July 2014

A funny flight...!!!

I really owe so much on the fly !!!

Fantasy, improvisation, unusual adjectives for the world of flight !!

With the paramotor we can sometimes use them and this video is the demonstration !!

Initial check-up, a pair of shorts, a jacket and come on !!!!!




Video released on May 31, 2014

Flying over the Casentino sky

I dedicate this video above all to myself, for the dedication and the great commitment that I have put in many years of flying to learn and improve in this fantastic sport. I hope in the images of this video to arouse interest in those who have never had it and conviction to approach this sport to those who perhaps only sometimes thought about it. Come and visit us on weekends and we will show you this little, big magic! A sport for everyone! In life we only live once and if we have the right conviction, the realization of our dreams can hide behind a simple YES. During the flight, indescribable sensations pervade you and remain etched in your mind, like ink on a page of a book ready to be read and told. Casentino a magical valley for my sport. PARAMOTOR IS LIFE !!!!!


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