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Aerial photos in the municipality of Poppi


In the air...

Autumn flight in the Casentino sky.....

The air, even if light and invisible, gives us life by filling not only our breath but also our hearts, our thoughts, our dream....

The wonderful town of Poppi with its castle of the Conti Guidi.





Glimpses of the small village of Agna, formerly Alina, located on the outskirts of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests. Ancient church dedicated to San Bartolomeo. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:28-05-2012 22:05:19


Views and details on the village of Avena

Creation Date:23-05-2012 16:05:19

Badia Prataglia

Badia Prataglia, a pearl located in the heart of the Casentinesi Forest Park, views and details. Casentino photos

Creation Date:31-01-2015 00:01:44


Glimpses and panoramas of the village of Becarino

Creation Date:25-05-2012 02:05:46


Aerial photos of the village of Buiano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:18-02-2011 00:02:23

hermitage of Camaldoli

Aerial photos of Camaldoli and its Hermitage. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 11:02:07


Aerial photos of the small hamlet of Larniano

Creation Date:14-01-2013 19:01:38


Aerial photos of the village of Lierna. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 23:02:48


Aerial photos, panoramas and details of the village of Lucciano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:03-03-2011 00:03:56


Aerial photos of the village of Memmenano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:07-02-2011 01:02:22


Aerial photos of Moggiona, a village located in the Casentinesi Forests National Park at about 700 meters above sea level, set on a rocky spur in the center of a small closed valley.

Creation Date:24-05-2012 22:05:58

In the surroundings of Poppi

Flying around Poppi ... Photo Casentino.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 21:02:16

Farmhouses and farms

Glimpses Farmhouses Farmhouses Poderi near Poppi. Casentino an enchanted valley. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:07-02-2011 01:02:45


Aerial photos of Poppi, a town whose village is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Other beautiful photographs of Poppi can be found in the NEVICATA gallery. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 00:02:34


Aerial photos and details of the village of Quorle. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:05-12-2011 18:12:22


Aerial photos of the village of Quota. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 22:02:52


Aerial photos, panoramas and details of the village of Sambrona. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:20-02-2011 20:02:02

San Martino in Tremoleto

Aerial photos and photographic glimpses of San Martino in Tremoleto. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:06-02-2011 23:02:42


Glimpses of the small village of Strumi

Creation Date:25-05-2012 01:05:20

Vignano and Greppi

Glimpses and panoramas of Vignano and Greppi. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:30-05-2012 00:05:20

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