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Aerial photos in the municipality of Chiusi della Verna

Biforco and Montefatucchio

Biforco charming village centrally located in Vallesanta, a land as beautiful as it is rugged. Photographic glimpses of Montefatucchio. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:16-12-2011 01:12:09


Farm of Canvecchio. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:28-12-2011 02:12:05

Chiusi della Verna and Dama

Aerial photos of Chiusi della Verna, Dama and panorama of Giampereta and Loc. Canvecchio. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:03-02-2011 00:02:39


Corezzo is a small town located at 760mt above sea level in the heart of the Casentinesi forests in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:26-12-2011 19:12:57

Corsalone and surroundings

Aerial photos of Corsalone and its surroundings. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:20-01-2011 20:01:30


Frassineta preserves many testimonies of its antiquity, including the church of Sant'Egidio built in a dominant position with respect to the entire Corezzo valley. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:28-12-2011 00:12:01


Aerial photos Views and details of the village of Gargiano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:16-02-2011 18:02:52


Small Casentinese village located at 822mt above sea level in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:28-12-2011 01:12:28

La Verna winter 2015

La Verna a place able to combine spirituality and nature in an indissoluble embrace. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:24-02-2015 01:02:59


Montesilvestre, a small ghost town, where the voices and sounds of centuries of life and work still seem to echo, from the church to the wash houses, from the ovens to the stables. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:15-12-2011 21:12:56


Aerial photos of the small village of Pezza, a village remembered since the year 1000. Here too there is a small church dedicated to S. Clemente. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:18-12-2011 03:12:50


Pievina, a small village located at the foot of Montefatucchio in the Vallesanta area. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:30-12-2011 18:12:03


Rimbocchi characteristic village located in the center of Vallesanta. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:18-12-2011 02:12:24

sacred mountain della Verna

Aerial photos of the sacred mountain of La Verna. Sanctuary of La Verna. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:18-01-2011 22:01:01

Sarna and Croce di Sarna

Views and details on the villages of Sarna and Croce di Sarna. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:16-03-2011 00:03:43

Glimpses of the sacred mountain of La Verna

Evocative views of the sacred mountain of La Verna. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:18-01-2011 23:01:57


Aerial photos of the village of Serra, a small town that was of great importance in the past, crossed by the old Via Romea, the link between Romagna and Tuscany. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:26-12-2011 20:12:59


Small village that preserves inside the church of S. Lorenzo, named since 1155.Characteristic village but unfortunately only partially restored. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:30-12-2011 15:12:48


The historic Sacci cement plant today. UNFORTUNATELY. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:20-01-2011 21:01:58

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