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Aerial photos in the municipality of Castel Focognano

Carda and Calleta

Views and details on the villages of Carda and Calleta. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:12-02-2011 19:02:35

Castel Focognano

Views and details on the town of Castel Focognano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:12-02-2011 17:02:28


Aerial photos of the small Borgo la Montanina located on the west side of the Arno along the provincial road n ° 58. Photo Casentino.

Creation Date:21-01-2012 00:01:10

Pieve Socana

Aerial photos, panoramas and details of Pieve Socana. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:13-02-2011 02:02:55

Rassina and Casalecchio

Aerial photos of Rassina and Casalecchio. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:13-02-2011 02:02:23

Salutio and Ornina

Aerial photos, panoramas and details of the villages of Salutio and Ornina. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:12-02-2011 19:02:46


Aerial photos of the village of Tulliano. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:02-01-2012 00:01:46


Small fraction of the municipality of Castel Focoganno located in the Casentino Arno Valley with its little church of Sant Egidio. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:20-01-2012 00:01:33

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