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Aerial photos in the municipality of Bibbiena


Photographic glimpses of the village of Banzena located at the doors of Vallesanta. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:07-12-2011 22:12:15


Bibbiena village centrally located in the Casentino Valley. Other beautiful photographs of Bibbiena can be found in the NEVICATA gallery. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:14-12-2010 23:12:55

Camenza and Tranchedaia

Glimpses and panoramas on these two beautiful places near Bibbiena.

Creation Date:16-11-2013 18:11:32


Aerial photographic glimpses of Campi, a small hamlet. of the municipality of Bibbiena with the small church of Sant 'Andrea. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:21-01-2012 00:01:25


Aerial photos, panoramas and details of Camprena, Casentino photos.

Creation Date:22-02-2011 22:02:43

Farmhouses and Farms

Glimpses Farmhouses and Farm near Bibbiena. Casentino an enchanted valley. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:31-01-2011 12:01:58


Aerial photos and glimpses of Farneta. Small village in the surroundings of Bibbiena. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:12-06-2012 22:06:33


Gello is a wonderful village surrounded by greenery, located at the doors of the Vallesanta which has now remained almost completely uninhabited. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:14-12-2011 15:12:47


Aerial photos and evocative glimpses of the village of Giona. Photo Casentino.

Creation Date:09-12-2011 08:12:49


The Castle of Gressa was built between the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th, at the behest of Bishop Elemperto, head of the Arezzo diocese from 986 to 1010. Photo Casentino.

Creation Date:31-01-2011 15:01:42

Loc. Le Monache

Le Monache a very special place for me.In my opinion it is also the most beautiful location in Bibbiena.Other beautiful photographs of Le Monache are present in the NEVICATA gallery. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:31-01-2011 14:01:56


Aerial photos of the village of Marciano, located at the foot of Mount Faggione.

Creation Date:02-02-2011 19:02:59


Glimpses of the beautiful Marena farm.

Creation Date:23-05-2012 15:05:05


Aerial photos and panoramic views of the Moscaio village. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:08-12-2011 23:12:19

Partina and Freggina

Aerial photos of the villages of Partina and Freggina. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:30-01-2011 16:01:24


Aerial photos and glimpses of the small village of Querceto located near Bibbiena. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:13-06-2012 00:06:43

Sanctuary Holy Maria of the stone

Aerial photos of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso, located near Bibbiena. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:02-02-2011 20:02:46


Glimpses and panoramas of Serravalle. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:14-02-2015 01:02:48


Aerial photos, panoramas and details of Soci. You can see other beautiful photos of Soci in the Snowfallgallery. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:15-02-2011 13:02:38


Views and details on the village of Terrossola. If we were to make a nativity scene we could do it just like that. Casentino photos.

Creation Date:31-01-2011 16:01:17

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