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Photo Casentino ©

Flying with Paramotor

Casentino under ice

In the air


Towards the Vallesanta


Flying up Camaldoli Moggiona 2010


Flying up Lago Trasimeno 2010


High altitude on lake Trasimeno


Flying over Raggiolo


Fly in Paratrike


Free Fly in Sardinia 2010


Fly Tour in Romagna due giorni






Paramotor Sardinia 2006



A beautiful day


Dreaming of....


Pratomagno a dream in Casentino


    Casentino Forever !


In flight on the casentinese !

A funny flight...!!! 






La Verna



Sky...up there near the angels



Flight of Maurizio and Francesco



 Cicle path in Casentino



 A paramotor as a friend





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